Entitlement – South Africa’s downfall.

You sir – yes you, the guy who decided to smash my car’s window on 2 May – you are an entitled asshole. Not because you took my phone, ripped my shirt, caused damage to my car or caused trauma to me, but because you give people of South Africa a very bad name.

You sir, make people like me believe that every beggar, every street merchant, every pedestrian is in fact a criminal. You make me lose faith in humanity around me. I who give without asking back, you thought it ok to force yourself into my space and endanger my immediate vicinity after pretending to beg from me.

And you sir, the other guy in that bakery van who decided it would be fun to strap a mesh mask to your face, tie it at your neck and lean out of your bakkie window to stare and glare at me – you are worsening the general perception of your culture with the masses.

What are you thinking you arrogant son-a-ma-biatch? That that kind of behaviour shapes our country and makes people feel safe in a place that we all are trying to make beautiful every day? Why am I, a white female automatically branded a racist b*tch? You don’t know me? I wasn’t in the struggle, and as far I could tell, neither were you – so stop trying to claim your stature by entitling yourself to intimidate my perception of our beautiful country.

I also believe in giving back, and assist in many charitable and goodwill institutions as often as I possibly can. I give my heart, my soul, my ears and my tears to people. I have seen abuse, hunger, old age, abused animals, sickness and poverty. I accept people freely, without restrictions on race, colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation or age, but one thing that has become apparent to me, is the general voice of entitlement that roars through the masses of South Africa without thought of another. All I ever hear is me, me, me – I, I, I. In our government, in our suburbs, in business… everywhere. We want this. When do you want it, now!

As I am typing this, I am furious. I cannot name one person within my circle of people who has not been a victim of crime in one form or another – be it petty crime, or murder. And yes, I do know there are many factors that influence crime in our beautiful South Africa. Poverty, lack of jobs or sustainability. Poor salaries, or no salaries at all. Over population in already dense areas. People who do not have running water, electricity, do not have access to proper education systems, health care or food. But my word, what entitles another person to decide that it is ok to harm another? There is no excuse. None.

Its a few days before our national election booths open their doors on 7 May. I, for one, am waiting with bated breath to see the decisions of millions of South Africans roll in. I have had dreams about this, literally, of standing in the queues, waiting to make my mark on a ballot paper – all in the hope of changing the current state of my country for the better.

To me, casting my vote is a very personal affair. I know who my vote will be for. And I know my reasons. I decided on it a while ago, but nothing could have affirmed my vote as indignantly as 2 May did.

As a 30 year old, unmarried, white female, I go at life mostly alone. I run my own company and pay my own way. I drive everywhere alone, stay on my own and believe in being a self-sufficient member of society. I am scared out of my wits most of the time, and have now learnt the art of awareness, self-defence and to be prepared for whatever comes your way at any time of the day. Hell, I can hit through your throat if you attack me in a dark alley, but am scared to do so because our legal system is not adequate enough to protect us from daily injustices, what to say from me harming someone who wanted to harm me in the first place.

Case in point – a poster on the back of an OR Tambo International bathroom stall door proclaimed proudly to me (April 2014) that more space is being made in our prisons as they recently released 30 000 people from our jails. What the hell is that about? So, the SA Correctional Services are letting petty criminals walk free to make space for more dangerous ones? Well, yes! THAT makes me feel so much safer.

On 28 April 2012, Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa said around 14,600 inmates will be released “conditionally or unconditionally,” according to the Associated Press. More than 20,000 offenders on probation or parole who qualify to have their sentences cut will also benefit from the decision.

Prisoners declared violent criminals and those jailed for sexual, drug-related and weapons offenses will not be among those to benefit from the remissions of sentences.

I took a photo, but don’t have it anymore as it was on my phone that I apparently donated to someone unwillingly.

My question now is this, who did they release? Petty criminals? Hijackers? Smash and Grabbers? Yes, those people are back in society. They are most probably worse off than when they went into jail. They are probably now even poorer, their families are suffering, their conditions have worsened and their needs have increased drastically.

How do I as a South African then blame them, that they feel entitled to enter my private space and take my possessions or cause harm to me? I can’t! But what I can do, and I am now addressing said sirs above, is vote for a change to come to South Africa this election. A change, not to see you go to prison necessarily (although greater  police visibility in areas that are plagued by hi-jack zones and smash and grab zones would be a bonus, with police actually willing to assist) but rather that might see you being able to get a job. To obtain the money through good honest work made available to you to feed your family, and not see the need to take from me to give to you. For your kids to have an education, and create a better world for you, and their children. And my word, I hope you too, sir, make the right choice too.

Everyone’s a damn Robin Hood.

29 parties appear on the national ballot paper, and as far as I can see, many have made their choice on who they would vote for while others are still slightly indecisive.

An X isn’t carved with a bow and arrow but with a black pen and a green barcoded ID book on a ballot paper. If you moan it, you own it, so make sure you cast your vote come 7 May.


Not yet, but it will soon be “moerkoud” – some winter survival tips.

I have to admit, I’d follow the tribe who says Summer is the best season, but I secretly long for Spring and Autumn in the middle of the two extreme seasons.


Winter in South Africa brings with it its own extremes: Cape Town is hounded by winds that blow your coat over your head, and Johannesburg sees a winter that threatens snow every year, and makes residents think that a few sprinkles of sleet are in actual fact, a blizzard.

Every year we see images of winter, cold fronts and ice. Pre winter hears phrases like “jis, this year it’s going to be a cold winter.” This is usually followed by “sjo, sjo, sjo”, and during the coldest months we all tend to think back on the prophetic books of the Bible telling about the end of times and the seasons changing – and remind ourselves about global warming, promising a change in our behaviour to help change the environment, but soon digress to hitting the on buttons of all our heaters, in all the rooms of our houses.

With this, I thought I would share some great tips to see you through the colder months to come.

1. Drop the snuggie, wear your robe backwards. Also, if you’re a girl, and your robe is white, you can pretend you’re Princess Leia. You can also tie two hot ross buns to the side of your head for the hairdo. Easily available from your local Spar during March/April/May. If you’re a guy and you’re trying this, please send us a photo.

2. Bachelor(ette) tip: Make a big pot of soup, and divide it by cup fulls into ziplock bags. Freeze. That way you have easy instantly heatable meals on hand for the days you don’t feel like cooking.

3. Cough keeping you up at night? Rub Vicks underneath your feet, put on socks, and sleep. Be gone cough!

4. Don’t have a hot water bottle? Put a few cups of flour in a pillow case, fold it into a square, and warm in the microwave – great for preheating your bed. Be careful not to burn the flour. Once you start smelling the flour, it’s hot enough.

5. Worried about frosty windows if your car is outside? Mix three parts vinegar and one part water in a small spray bottle. Spray your car windows, and wipe with a cloth or squeegee – little to no frost guaranteed.

6. For the ladies: Eyeliner is cold and sometimes a little more difficult to apply when cold. Hold the point between two fingers for ten seconds before applying. It’ll warm up your Kohl pencil, and make for an easier application.

7. Dry skin sucks in winter. Two tips: Keep showers or baths short and luke warm to avoid skin drying out. You can also make your own scrub with a half a cup of castor sugar, and a medium bottle of baby oil. Put it in a sealable jar, and give your body a good scrub in the shower once a week. Lovely soft, subtle and moisturised skin is yours! Palmers body oil also rocks, and can be applied before drying yourself off. Great for guys and gals.

8. Cracked fingertips? Use lipice or an equivalent to moisturise and help relieve pain.

9. Wear sunscreen, no matter your ethnicity. Even if it’s winter. This goes for guys too.

10. A cheap razor can help you remove bobbles from your favourite sweater. Go with the grain of the sweater 🙂

11. For the gardeners among us: Mix compost into your soil before it freezes in order to enhance your soil for next spring’s planting – helpful in Sutherland I suppose.

12. If you’re cold, then someone living on the street is possibly much colder. Boost your Karma rating and join a soup kitchen, or give some food or coffee to a homeless person.

13. Buy two coffees in the morning, and give one to the first homeless person you see.

14. If you see a stray dog or cat during winter, do it a favour, and take it to your nearest pro-life shelter (FORA, Pug Rescue, Barking Mad, Kitty and Puppy Haven). Animals have feels too.

15. Need a quick protein rich breakfast? Make a microwave omelette/souffle. Beat two eggs in a microwaveable cup or bowl. Add a dash of Aromat, or salt and pepper, some cheese, spring onion, ham or whatever you fancy in your omelette/souffle. Put in the micrwave for 2 minutes, and voila – oil free/healthy eggs for breakie.

16. Planning a romantic evening, but alas, you forgot to reinstall your fireplace? Not to worry, connect your PC to your tv, and play this crackling fireplace video. Complete with crackling sounds.

17. Cars made in the last 15 years don’t need to be idled before driving. Wise though, is starting your car and putting the heater on for a minute or two while your ready yourself for leaving the house.

18. On an icy road, and your car starts spinning? If you start to spin, always steer into the turn, and if possible, away from traffic.

19. Is hot chocolate your ideal winter drink? Add a tablespoon of Nutella to warmed milk and stir through. Or three tablespoons. Or just add a dash of hot milk to the Nutella jar – as you wish 😉

20. Chapped lips? Mix Vaseline and Honey together in a small pot, and carry with you. If you email me on maliza[at]somolo.co.za with your postal address, I’ll send you a pot 🙂

Do you have any original winter life hacks? Drop us a comment below.

Keep warm!




I’m Not Responsible.

I often hear the line “I pay taxes, so why must I do everything?”


Why should you be involved beyond forking over a slice of your hard earned salary each month?

The same line of thinking applies to the voter who feels exonerated if he or she didn’t vote the current ruling party into power.

“I didn’t vote for them, so why should I take responsibility for their mistakes?”


The problem I have with this line of thinking is that I can’t imagine the fate of our country if everyone assumed this kind of attitude.

Throughout the world governments are failing people on a daily basis.

Service delivery has become a luxury.

In our own backyard we grapple daily with the fact that our Constitutional rights are not worth the paper it is written on.

I shudder to think what would happen if this prevailing attitude of “I’m not responsible” would become a norm in society.

How many whistle-blowers can we afford to be silenced?

How many activists’ hands would we be binding?

If recycling is the responsibility of government, should all the organisations geared towards the protection of our environment throw their hands in the air and say: “We are not responsible!”

We are quick to criticise. We also often take this criticism to Twitter and Facebook without any knowledge of what we are really talking about.

We pat ourselves on the back when we come up with persuasive arguments to attack individuals and groups, without any thought of the consequences. Often there is no basis for the criticism, but criticism for the sake of. We also err in directing our criticism to the wrong people.

We hide behind “Freedom of Expression” and “Freedom of Speech” without actually knowing what it means.

It’s a blatant misuse of the freedoms that were achieved through struggle.

Don’t get me wrong, we HAVE to hold people, organisations and government accountable.

I have a problem with how we go about it. I say we, because I have also been guilty of whinging about things without actually doing anything about it.

I don’t think there is a person in the world who responds positively to verbal abuse. I have also never seen anyone win an argument with no facts to back it up.

But have you noticed how irresponsibly we throw around statements or become downright nasty in the way we attack people in social media spaces?

It reminds me of the popular talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” insert on his show. It involves celebrities reading out mean tweets about themselves.

I have to applaud Kimmel for putting a humorous spin on these tweets, but it also serves to downplay the bigger issue of people’s misuse of social media.

People become emboldened by the safety of hiding behind a computer screen without actually having to face the person they “hate” so much.

We have a major problem in South Africa with bullying in schools. This nature manifests itself into adulthood and with adulthood we have more toys to bully other people with.

This is the example we are setting to children… “It’s okay to bully people online. Look mommy is doing it and she gets away with it!”

Yes you are entitled to your opinion, but every right and every freedom comes with a responsibility.

I’m not suggesting that we put rainbows and sunshine and teddy bears on issues that we face.

A tough stance is sometimes necessary, but you can take this stance in a manner that doesn’t make you look like a bitter, self-righteous (and sometimes crazy) armchair critic.

There is a lot of anger out there and rightly so, but I think we would all like our words to be turned into action.

Let’s be kind to one another.

Let’s speak up and do when we have to.

Let’s not pass the buck to others when we can be the change.

Let’s not take our freedoms for granted.

As Voltaire said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Which brings me to Eleanor Roosevelt who said: “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry his own weight, this is a frightening prospect.”

And for some inspiration…

Till we meet again.



What would you tell the “you” of ten years ago? #10YearsAgoMe

If there is one thing I am very grateful for, it is the diverse and inspirational subset of people that I get to deal with every day – my daily heroes (the ones below are among many). A very dear friend and I started talking a week ago, and stumbled on the question:

“What would the you of today, tell the “you” of ten years ago?”

Ironically, a few days after I asked the below contributors for their words of wisdom, an article was released on Thuli Madonsela, and what she would tell her 16 year old self, published in The Oprah Magazine South Africa. It’s worth a read, and you can find it here.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have, and invite you to post your words of wisdom in the comments below.

I want to thank each of the contributors – your presence in my life is shaped by the truths that you hold, and I appreciate the lessons I learn through every interaction we have.

 maliza-booysen 55 My own mini list was:1. Screw broken hearts, they heal. So always love as deeply and honestly as you possibly can.
2. When people judge you, its their problem, not yours.
3. Your parents will become kids again, so learn patience now
4. Never ever ever start smoking
5. Question everything, always
 james-l-dekker James L Dekker
Johannesburg, South Africa
Owner at FOTOMAN Photography

Do more of everything you did, don’t be so damn careful, just go for it, photograph more girls (I’m a photographer).

 elani-malan Elani Malan
Johannesburg, South Africa
Beautiful new mommy and corporate lady

Heart and brain. They work together and not alone

 walter-burger Walter Burger
Johannesburg, South Africa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wabbab
Technical Support Engineer for Fluke Networks 

Buy Apple shares

 liesl-de-bruin Liesl De Bruin
Johannesburg, South Africa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/liesldb
Digital Strategist at Meropa Communications

Don’t fret the small things. There are bigger things in love to spend time worrying about, and most of the time worrying doesn’t even allow you the power to change them.

 brendan-david Brendan David
Centurion, South Africa
Data Sales at Johannesburg Stock Exchange

The list of winning lotto numbers for the last 10 years

 anni-williams Anni Williams
Johannesburg, South Africa
Works at Mediamark > Radio > Digital > TV > Events

Time passes faster than you think – remember to live in the now.

 melissa-du-preez Melissa du Preez
Pretoria, South Africa
PR & Communications Manager

Nothing will end up the way you think

 shaun-wesley-gordon Shaun Wesley Gordon
Johannesburg, South Africa
Training Engineer

Work out harder, dance with more passion, sing like no one is listening and in the end, spend more time with those who truly matter.

 francois-kellerman Francois Kellermann
Cape Town, South Africa
Intermediate Life Support Paramedic

Never start smoking it’s a nasty habit that you won’t shake for a long time. Don’t get involved with certain people… They will only bring you down and in to trouble. And never ever get involved with the girl you met in 2010.. She will only break your heart make a fool of you!! Oh oh and last weeks lotto numbers.

 keri-stroebel Keri Stroebel
Somerset West, South Africa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/keristroebel

Only you are responsible for your happiness.. make decisions for YOU, be selfish! The things I regret now, are the things I didn’t do in case someone else didn’t like it or because I was scared of what people would say. Live for you!

 zimasa-qolohle Zimasa Qolohle
Johannesburg, South Africa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZimyQ
Not to care about what others think – it’s the best way to stay miserable. And more importantly, not to worry so much about the future – it always works out in the end.
 francois-van-heerden Francois Van Heerden
Pretoria, South Africa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Afafman

Don’t lose hope, stick to your guns, in 10 years from now, this won’t matter. And quit smoking.

 marisa-oosthuizen Marisa Oosthuizen
Johannesburg, South Africa
Project Coordinator
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarisaO2

Happiness is the key to real success. Don’t smoke. If you want loyalty buy a dog.

 chantel-ryksen Chantell Ryksen
Pretoria, south Africa
Freelance Graphic Designer

Finish your projects and stick to your goals. Hold your kids more and kiss them more. In 10 years you will regret not doing so.

 honey-makwakwa Honey Makwakwa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Film Industry

Marriage doesn’t matter. Don’t listen to anybody but yourself they’re all just projecting. fuck “safe” do you. Don’t make your dreams smaller. You’re capable of much more than you can imagine right now.

 jean-labuschange Alejandro Je’an Lennez
Johannesburg, South Africa

Easy ……stay in England my true home!!! God save the queen!!!

 jade-menezies Jade Menezies
Johannesburg, South Africa
Promotions Specialist at Sony Music Entertainment – Africa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JadeMenezies

Travel more and worry about your career later! Live your life… See things, go places, have a bunch of new experiences! Go figure out who you are and what you want (and you can’t do that behind a desk from 8:30 – 17:00). Also don’t worry so much – you’ll be fine!

 vangile-makwakwa Vangile Makwakwa
Stellenbosch, Cape Town
Author/Speaker at Wealthy Money and CEO & Founder at Speak 2B Free

I would tell her to see her own beauty, love herself , take a chill pill, have more fun and open up to life because it really is all in the journey. Stop trying to be perfect and being like everyone else then hating yourself for being human and seeing things differently. When you look back what you see is the stuff you did in between, not the end result so you may as well chill. I would also tell her to believe in herself and trust life a whole lot more because she isn’t doing as terrible as she thinks and there is no prescription for a life well lived, something she would learn in a few years anyway when she finally starts seeing that even older people have no clue what success is or what they want in their lives.

 adele-vermaak Adéle Vermaak
Centurion, South Africa
Professional Development at McKinsey & Company
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DellaVermaak

I would tell her to trust herself, to listen to her heart’s desires and to be bold in her beauty. To not let men abuse her, steal her hope or to belittle her. To ask for help when needed. To spread her wings and fly. Not to waste valuable time on nonsense or people who don’t invest back and truly care about her. Don’t always listen to your mother but always listen to your grandma! Live life and live it with grace….

 carmen-seechuran Carmen Bharosa Seechuran
Johannesburg, South Africa
Education Manager
Calm the heck down, and enjoy life!
 vitorio-leonardi Vittorio Leonardi
Johannesburg, South Africa
Stand Up Comedian
Twitter: https://twitter.com/vittorioleo

Dump your ex after 6 months. That was as good as that relationship was ever gonna get. Say Yes to sex, every time. Beware who you kiss. Diabetes is coming so exercise now.  Never date a single mom.  If she won’t invite you over,  she’s not “seeing” you.

 greg-arthur Greg Arthur
Johannesburg, South Africa
Co Owner at Lifeology
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ohgodknows

Don’t attach to the outcome. You will only be disappointed.  Why the need for control? Less control means less stress…and the world doesn’t like being controlled anyway. The most important things are often not easy but that’s why they’re important. There is no need to fight for anything but stand firm in what you believe.  Stop trying to change. Accept who you are, all aspects, as the greatest gift.

 shauneen-procotr Shauneen Procter
Johannesburg, South Africa
Managing Partner at Idea Engineers

Develop a penchant for red wine rather than work. Workaholics aren’t heroes. And this from Leonardo da Vinci, I would certainly have borrowed: “Every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer, since to remain constantly at work will cause you to lose power of judgment…Go some distance away because then the work appears smaller, and more of it can be taken in at a glance, and lack of harmony or proportion is more readily seen.”

 jadene-tager Jadene Tager
Johannesburg, South Africa
Presenter, Traffic Reporter & Music Reporter at Power FM
twitter: https://twitter.com/jadene85

  1. People will always show their true colours, it could be one month, one year or a few years down the line. You won’t always like what you see but it is ok to walk away.
  2. The five year plan is something you don’t have to stick to so take risks and embrace those risks!
  3. Big groups of girl friends are dangerous. Drama drama drama.
  4. Don’t take life so seriously. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you always have to act like one. 
  5. It’s perfectly normal to cry so let it out. Tears are words from the heart.
 denis-c-fourie Denis C. Fourie
Johannesburg, South Africa
Chairman at Jordan Inc, Founder, CEO at Trusted Advisor Ltd and Chairman at The Lobbyist Group Ltd

Build your network. It’s not what you know and it’s not just about who you know, it’s about who knows you too.

 alexis-kriel Alexis Kriel
Johannesburg, South Africa
Director/Producer/Chef at ALEXIS KRIEL FOOD AND TRAVEL

These Are The Best Years

You Are Beautiful

Take Advantage

Enjoy Yourself.

 rusty-abrahams Rusty Abrahams
Cape Town, South Africa
System Engineer

Looks don’t matter all you need to look for is a great personality. Don’t care what people think, enjoy yourself. Music will only get worse. Read as much as you can. Malva pudding is always the answer.

 ben-ohanlon Ben O’Hanlon
Lancaster, Lancashire
Online Community Director at Bizcrowd and Head of Community Management at Visionslive
Twitter: https://twitter.com/benohanlon

I’d definitely tell myself that image matters. It shouldn’t matter but it’s often all that matters. I’d say knowledge is power and keeping your cards to your chest is good practice. I’d say “fake it till you make it” and above all I’d say enthusiasm is the single most important thing to put into anything you’re working on. Enthusiasm makes amends for many faults in a person!

And just a little something to help you think while conjuring up your words:

Tata dahlings!|

Starting the New Year Responsibly


Whether you want to believe it or not… the New Year is upon us. It’s that time of the year when we draw up a list of resolutions we know we won’t keep by and of course getting ready for whatever massive party we are heading to this evening.

This means you or a member of the party karate team will be getting behind the wheel to get to said massive party.

You will undoubtedly indulge in champers, shooters galore (Tequila!) and the usual alcoholic company you keep when socialising. Please ignore if you are a non-drinker.

Now I don’t want to preach considering that you are a grown up and well aware of the dangers of getting behind the wheel drunk. Instead I’d like to impart some alternative ways of getting your hammered self home in one piece, not to mention other people on the road who you are endangering with your “amazing” drunk driving skills.

The major cities abound with designated driving services, so you don’t have to leave your car or yourself in some unsavoury part of town. If you are not big on planning ahead, several metered taxis operate 24/7 and are well versed in the musings of a drunken passenger.

If you want to travel on the cheap, make friends with a buddy who doesn’t drink. Considering the amount of money you send on booze and the cost of an accident, forking out an extra couple of bucks to get home is really a no-brainer.

There is an online service, Taxi Finder, that can find you a taxi quick, easy and for free, mahala.

Otherwise see the list of services below.

Have fun! See you in 2014! 

Designated Driver Services

Buddys Designated Drivers

Areas: Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban

Tel: 0861 283 397
E-mail: info@buddys.co.za
Website: www.buddys.co.za
Rate: Members only – R129.99 per month*

Scooter Angels

Areas: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria

Tel: 0861 464 663
E-mail: info@scooterangels.co.za or pretoria@scooterangels.co.za (for Pretoria only)
Website: www.scooterangels.co.za
Rate: Non Members – R13.50 per kilometer with a R75 pick-up fee (15km minimum charge) Members – Various plans available.*

The Booze Butler

Areas: Johannesburg North only

Tel: 081 270 3413
E-mail: info@boozebutler.co.za
Website: www.theboozebutler.co.za
Rates: Members only. Various packages on offer for as little as R185 p/m*

Nite Owls

Areas: Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban

Tel: 0861 648 3695
Website: www.niteowl.co.za
Rates: Non-members – R65 pick-up fee and R13 p/km (R234 minimal charge per trip)* Members – No pick-up fee and R12 p/km*


Areas: Western Cape (selected areas)

Tel: 076 044 5653
Website: www.drive-wise.co.za
Rates: Special New Years Eve rate – see here: http://www.drive-wise.co.za/newyearseve.html

Taxi Services



Areas: Certain parts of Johannesburg and Pretoria

Tel: 08611 72222
Website: www.sacab.co.za
Rates: Around R12 p/km*


Areas: Johannesburg

Tel: 0861 55 22 44
E-mail: bookings@citycabsa.co.za
Website: www.citycabsa.co.za

Zebra Cabs

Areas: Greater Gauteng suburbs
Tel: 0861 105 105

Rixi Taxi

Areas: Pretoria, Sandton, Fourways, Germiston, Johannesburg

Tel: 086 517 6452
E-mail: info@rixitaxi.co.za
Website: www.rixitaxi.co.za
Rate: Minimum charge of R70*

Cape Town


Tel: 021 44 777 99 / 021 44 777 55
E-mail: bookings@intercab.co.za
Website: www.intercab.co.za
Rate: R9 p/km*

Rikkis Taxi

Tel: 0861 745 547
E-mail: bookings@rikkis.co.za
Website: www.rikkis.co.za

Elite Taxis

Tel: 0861 ELITE / 021 447 9003
Website: www.elitetaxis.co.za


Mozzie Cabs

Tel: 0860 MOZZIE (669943)
Website: www.mozzie.co.za
Rate: R11.50 p/km*

Zippy Cabs

Tel: 031 202 7067 / 7068
Website: www.zippycabs.co.za
Rate: R10.40 p/km

East Coast Cabs

Tel: 082 632 7410
Website: www.eastcoastcabs.co.za

*Rates are subject to change and are only an estimate.

Be bigger and bolder – help out! #R200forAnimalAmbulance

I am an advocate for animal rights. There, I said it – now stop rolling your eyes!

Also for rehabilitating animals. And I am pro life. I have adopted/rescued six animals myself, and kind of feel like a cat lady. They have brought me nothing less than love, happiness and laughter throughout the years, and I will never forget each of their stories.

If my animals could talk, I think I would write down their words and publish books to spread words of thankfulness and joy. Four of my animals came from FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals), one from the Border Collie Rescue Foundation and one I rescued myself when he was one day old and trapped in the heavy joburg rain, and nursed him to his fully grown beautiful kitty self. These instituions, to me, are superheroes and deserve their own capes and crowns and planets.

These institutions create a haven for abandoned animals, where they treat them with love and respect, and find homes for them that are beautiful, loving, fun and happy. The problem is, that this is not where animal welfare stops.

There is a greater need, a need that is difficult to tell people about, and to which most go “Yes, but someone must be helping them, so I will give my little bit of a donation that I can , to someone else”

One such institution is Animal Ambulance.

The purpose of The Animal Ambulance is to aid abused and sick animals who without our help would die an often painful death. We believe in giving all animals a second chance as we are a pro life shelter.

After the animal is rehabilitated we offer them up for adoption in exchange for a fee. All our dogs are sterilized except the puppies.

At the shelter, the animals are treated as family and are not kept outdoors, in a cage or a kennel. They are not watchdogs – they are pets.

Animal Ambulance needs a new premises. Very urgently. They do not have the marketing or advertising budgets other places have, and from what I have seen do not get grants (I didn’t ask, so I am assuming). That point aside, I would like to ask you to help them.

They are asking for donations to assist them in purchasing this property. I am not askign for that – well not only that.A recent message fromt hem read:

It is with sadness in my heart I announce we have only raised R1560.00 this month so far towards the purchase of our property We have truly tried many things like emailing radio stations, companies and asking every where we can for help. Makes on actually loose hope and stress where we going from here. Please we need help as we have already raised R43 550.00 and only seek another 4782 angels to help us.
We are trying so hard but can not do it alone
Please share with your friends maybe they can help if you can not

animal ambulance 1

What do they need?

  1. YOU to spread the word. If you don’t have cash, then talk – tell people about this.
  2. Money to be donated to them – their banking details are on their homepage here: http://www.animalambulance.co.za/
  3. Media to take notice and help with spreading the word.
  4. Fundraisers in aid of Animal Ambulance
  5. Digital agencies to sponsor some advertising revenue, or put the revenue into Animal Ambulance
  6. Creative people to come up with some awesome ideas to make money with no money.

No come on – I know, and you know – you’re connected. Help us spread the word. Let’s raise funds, and if you feel like you want to make a difference, inbox me on malizabooysen at gmail dot com, and we can create the change together. I want to challenge you to do more than just sms. Than just shrugging your shoulders. Do something, and make it big and bold. And tell me about it – I’m there like a bear.

animal ambulance sms

SA’s Top 20 Bands?

So lately I’ve been compiling a list in my head of some of my favourite South African bands of all time. I first tried to limit it to 10, but there are so many that I had to expand the list to 20.

Feel free to vote for your favourite on the list or let me know if I missed someone. Hit me on Twitter @MarisaO2 or just respond to this blog post. Oh and I know I forgot aKing (fail), but any suggestions are welcome with accompanying proof i.e. a music vid.

Here we go in no specific order.

1. Isochronous / ISO

Pretoria-based rock band, Isochronous, has been around longer than mainstream music lovers would care to admit. Since their start in 2006,  they’ve played Oppikoppi, RAMfest and even toured Germany. They were also one of the MK MVP winners for a music video for Destiny in 2011 and rightly so. What I also love about the band is that they sound shit hot live, which is a make or break for me in regards to a good band. @ISOband

2. Desmond and the Tutus 

As a regular at Tings ‘n Times during my varsity days, I literally grew up with Desmond and the Tutus. They put me in a good mood. Their fun. I mean having one of those Dr Whong flyers as your website template is pretty damn out there: 


My boyfriend hates them, but what can be wrong with music that makes you wanna dance like nobody’s watching…@DesmondAndTutus

3. Lark 

For a very long time I was completely obsessed with Inge Beckmann. I wanted to be her. Capetonian electronica band, Lark completely burst on the scene with haunting and beautiful music. I’ve seen Lark live a couple of times, hanging on Inge’s lips. Recreating electronica in a live setting always astounds me and Lark did it expertly. This is probably their most popular song…@This_Is_Lark

4. The Narrow

My fondest memory of The Narrow is everyone at old Zeplins (Pretoria CBD) singing along to every word of Lonely, Lonely. Man were those the days! They first popped up on the scene in 2002, filling more than a decade with kick ass music. They are bloody legends…@narrowband

5. 16Stitch

When their debut album Beautiful Angelic Parasite hit the shelves in 2004 I was hooked. They were among the first bands I interviewed when I still worked campus radio. Most of you would probably be familiar with the single Fallout that played a lot on Tuks FM. They have long since disappeared from the scene, but their music remains…

6. Boo! 

Chris Chameleon (vocals and bass guitar), Princess Leone (Drums) and Ampie Omo (Trumpet, Trombone, Keyboard and Percussion) hit the music scene in 1997 riding a brightly coloured unicorn. They called their music “Monki Punk”, because hell knows no other genre could properly describe their style of music. They broke up in 2004, but reformed in 2010. The last show I saw was in 2011 at Tings ‘n Times, but sadly Princess Leone was not on drums. Instead that lame dude from Noot for Noot that looks like he is about to have an orgasm from playing percussion instruments were standing in. Lead vocalist, Chris Chameleon went on to enjoy a very successful Afrikaans solo career. @BooBand

The shirt Chris is wearing in this music video was sold at Big Blue way back when… I still have mine!

7. Bittereinder 

Formed in 2009, Bittereinder describe their music as “Klink soos rap maar dit voel soos Afrikaans”. My first brush with them was only in 2011 at Oppikoppi. Through a haze of Red Square and dust balls I found myself totally enthralled with their music. I listened to them again post-Oppikoppi and they still sounded effing great. Oh and they definitely passed the live test. Not everything is bad behind the “Boerewors” curtain! @Bittereinder7

8. Not My Dog 

Started in the late nineties, Not My Dog is one of those legendary rock bands you can’t exclude from a top SA band list. Two of its members went on to form The Narrow (see nr. 4). They recently reunited in 2011 to play Koppi. The Nu-Metal outfit rocked us for more than a decade and I’m proud to include them on this list…

9. Mafikizolo 

Strictly speaking not a band, but a kwaito music group that began in 1997. It’s a tight show with Sophiatown-like garb and lekker music. Really crazy about them and what a show!

10. Fokofpolisiekar 

Fokofpolisiekar, an Afrikaans alternative rock band from Cape Town properly challenged conservatism when they appeared on the scene in 2003. The song Fofokpolisiekar was sung with relish by high school learners and students from across South Africa to the ire of Afrikaner “omies” and “tannies”. The hit single was not at all indicative of what’s to come considering that their later hits were characterised by insightful lyrics and unique music. It’s very difficult to choose a favourite among their many hits, but I’ll have to choose Tevrede… 

11. Just Jinger 

Before Art Matthews screwed up the National Anthem and before the band replaced the “g” with a “j” to accommodate those stupid Americans (no offence to my American friends)… Just Jinger produced epic effing music. Yeah I digged She Knows and The Spy Who Gave a Damn from their internationally released self-titled album in 2010, but it just doesn’t quite stack up to their earlier work.

It’s difficult to choose a song to feature here, plus it’s difficult to find music videos of their earlier work. In the end I chose Paradise is Summertime, purely because it was a party anthem when I was in matric… @JustJinjer

12. Zebra & Giraffe 

Can’t believe that it has almost been 6 years since Z&G’s debut album Collected Memories hit shelves in 2008. Greg Carlin is a genius. @zebraandgiraffe

13. Die Heuwels Fantasties 

With so many artists and bands that give Afrikaans a bad name, it’s refreshing to find an act that restores my faith in the language. No “bokkie”, “braai” or “rugby” in sight. This band is made up of people who love to make music and put on a show.  @DieHeuwels

13. Springbok Nude Girls

While I never cared for Arno Carstens in leather pants, The Nudies are one of the greatest South African bands. The band broke up in 2001, but rejoined forces in 2006. Carstens also went on to enjoy a very successful solo career. @ApesWithShades

14. Bloodmoney / Heroes Wear Red

They started out as Bloodmoney, but changed their name to Heroes Wear Red in 2007. They are still going, but their following is pretty much underground. But come on… their good. @HeroesWearRed

15. Die Melktert Kommissie

Started in 2002, Die Melktert Kommissie is an institution. @DieMelkterte

16. Gangs of Ballet 

If Coldplay made babies, this band would be one of them. As a big fan of Coldplay I love them by extension, but also in their own right. Durban represent! @GangsOfBallet

17. Saron Gas

Started in 1999 in Pretoria, Saron Gas hit all the right notes and anyone who had the pleasure to see them live would agree that they were one of SA’s premier bands. In 2002 they changed their name to Seether (starting to sound familiar) and achieved international success. i think it’s only fair to share a music video from now and then… @SeerherOfficial

18. Civil Twilight 

Another South African band that graduated to the international stage. Civil Twilight started in 2005 in Cape Town and like most local bands had to crawl before they could walk. But they soon made a mark on the live club scene before they packed their bags for Los Angeles. Their back home now and gigging – go check ’em out. I love this cover of Massive Attack’s Teardrop@CivilTwilight

19. Henry Ate

I once read an interview Top Forty Magazine did with Karma-Ann Swanepoel, the lead singer of Henry Ate, that she had to wait tables to support her music career. And luckily she did, because for a long time Henry Ate was an integral part of the music scene in the mid-90s. We might have lost Karma-Ann to the States, but Henry Ate will not be forgotten…

20. Prime Circle 

For most the journey with Prime Circle started somewhere in a club singing Hello at the top of your lungs. Not bad for a band that started out in Witbank (Emalahleni) of all places in 2000. They have come a very long way and have worked hard to do so. I’ve had the privilege to interview Ross a couple of times over the years and he is really one of the nicest and down to earth lead singers… @Prime_Circle

You will notice that The Parlotones are not on the list. Don’t bother suggesting them 🙂

Remember to let me know which ones you like / hate and any band I’ve left out.


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